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  Dr. Tsafi Danieli, Tel: 02 - 65-85736/5
Dr. Nurit Doron,  Tel: 02 - 65-86937

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Expression Systems
Recombinant Protein
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  • Selected Publications
  1. Production of prone-to-aggregate proteins.
  2. Purification of proteins fused to maltose-binding protein.

The facility functions as a training center for scientists in gene cloning and protein production. We assist in the implementation of novel, state of the art techniques, otherwise too costly and laborious for individual laboratories at the university. We offer assistance and information to all research laboratories at the Hebrew University, at other universities and at biotech companies.

The facility specializes in four major expression systems: bacterial, insect and mammalian cells and in-vitro translation. These  systems supply the expression and modification requirements for a wide variety of proteins. Proteins can be expressed in their native form or designed with various tags and fusion additives for purification and characterization uses.

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