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Bacterial  Expression Systems
E coli

Bacterial Strains 
Vectors in Use
Related Procedures & Tools
* Strains for DNA propagation and cloning

* Strains for protein expression



  • Preparing competent bugs
  • Bacterial glycerol stocks


  • Background & tips (Hebrew)
  • Transformation (PEG)
  •  Quick transformation
  • Transformation (electrocompetents)

    Induction of Expression 
  • IPTG induced expression
  • Salt induced expression
  • Auto-induced expression
  • Expression for structure determination
  • Time Estimation for Bacteria Growth
  • Media preparation

    Protein Purification & Characterization
  • Choosing a lysis buffer (from The Protein Expression and Purification Facility of EMBL)
  • Methods for cell lysis
  • Affinity binding
  • Running SDS gels (+ Coomassie staining)
  • Western blots (+ ECL)
  • Conversion of protein weight to molarity and vice versus.

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